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Code 6 - Ridiculously Long Lasting Fog Juice Fluid - 1 Gallon

Master Fog Code 6 Fog Fluid


    • Ridiculously Long Lasting Fog Fluid
    • No Glycerin Added
    • Remains Clean, Dry, and Odorless
    • Leaves Little to No Residue or Contamination
    • Designed For Use With Any Water Based Fog Machine
    • Master Fog Fluids Only Use De-Ionized Water and Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals, all Approved by the FDA
    • 100% American made
  • Code 6 by Master Fog is by far the longest lasting water based fog fluid on the market. We can't help but say, this stuff is just ridiculous! Master Fog's Code 6 has a hang time of up to two hours, resulting in less fluid consumption and less wear and tear on your fogger. With Code 6 you will use a third of what other products have to offer, while still keeping the same atmospheric effect at your event! Here at Master Fog, we've worked hard at concocting an odorless, thick white fog with great dispersion properties that just doesn't seem to want to go anywhere. When we say it hangs for hours well........ It hangs for hours! It also doesn't wreak of gross chemicals from who knows where. All Master Fog Fluids are made right here in the U.S.A and use only pharmecutical grade ingredients. Code 6 fog fluid is being used in many Theme parks, Haunted Attractions, Night Clubs, Laser Tag Arenas, and it's also being used for training purposes in Military, Police, and Fire Academies.

    Code 6 is recommended for use in Larger sized facilities or outdoor spaces. For smaller to medium sized applications try Master Fog's "Classic" Fog Fluid.